hurricane irma

Ports Brace For Hurricane Irma

Following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, ports in Georgia and Florida are preparing for the next tropical storm, Hurricane Irma.

The U.S. Coast Guard has set port condition Whiskey for all ports in South Florida and authorities at ports in Georgia and Florida are now bracing for the hurricane to make landfall having devastated the Caribbean.

“U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port has established Port Hurricane condition WHISKEY for the Port of Jacksonville.  JAXPORT remains open and operating,” a spokesperson for  the port of Jacksonville said.

Ports potentially affected include, Port Miami, Miami River, Port Everglades, Port of Palm Beach and the Port of Fort Pierce as well as Port of Savannah and Brunswick

“Category 5 Hurricane Irma is tracking toward the Bahamas after causing catastrophic impacts in the Leeward and Virgin Islands. Destructive winds, storm surge, dangerous surf, heavy rainfall and flash flooding are possible in the path of Irma. The Florida should closely monitor the progress of Irma,” the National Weather Service said in statement.

Photo: Tropical storm wind speed probabilities. Credit: NWS

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