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OLA Logistics Moves Truck Cranes

Project cargo firm OLA Logistics has transported two sets of truck cranes via Hong Kong aboard a roll-on, roll-off vessel.

The shipment weighed 48 tonnes and measured 15 meters long, 3 meters wide and 4 meters high. Alongside the self-propelled truck cranes, OLA also handled the counter weights and lifting hooks using Mafi trailers.

The firm is a member of the Project Cargo Network, which recently reported the delivery of a time bound shipment from Belgium to the UAE by Wilhelmsen Ships Service and Europe Cargo. The duo collaborated to transport the cargo on two modular 12 multi-axle trailers from Antwerp to Jebel Ali.

“We had to take over the origin transport arrangements for this time-bound shipment from the supplier’s location at short notice to meet the desired vessel’s cut off. Close coordination had to be maintained between WSS, Europe Cargo, the origin transporter, warehouse, export customs clearance team and the destination customs clearance and  transport teams,” said Niju Joseph John, sales manager at WSS UAE.

Photo: OLA Logistics delivered two truck cranes. Credit: OL

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