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OLA Loads QUY180 Crawler Crane

Project cargo handler OLA Groups Logistics has loaded and delivered a QUY650 crawler crane from China to Malaysia.

The breakbulk item weighed 1,940 tonnes and was shipped in 108 pieces. The cargo was transported to the embarkation port by trailer before directly loading the main engine, two caterpillar bands and other pieces using two ship cranes and one shore crane with four steel lifting lines.

“This crawler crane, with its maximum lifting capacity of 650 tons, is the biggest crane that China has ever exported to Southeast Asia. It will be used for the Kuala Lumpur Metro Project in Malaysia. Before loading, we discussed with the C/O, port captain, foreman and lashing foreman regarding stowage, dunnage, lashing plans to safely secure the cargo,” said Lane Zhu, executive at OLA Groups Logistics.

OLA is a member of breakbulk association Project Cargo Network, which connects carriers, operators and forwarders worldwide.

Photo : The crawler crane during loading. Credit: Westlink

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