Yangon airport

Innovo Delivers Yangon Materials

Transport firm Innovo Shipping & Logistics has delivered a shipment of construction materials from Ahlone International Port Terminal to a showroom on Yangon, Myanmar.

The consignment included oversized branding for the construction of a new Mercedes showroom. The cargo measured four meters in length, two meters in breadth and four meters in height.

Innovo Shipping & Logistics is a member of Universal Freight Organisation, a global transport network that includes members in more than 115 countries around the world. Its members employ more than 3,000 staff and cover more than 2,000 air and sea ports.

Fellow UFO member Fairplay also handled a recent breakbulk move, delivering  CO2 production equipment from a factory in Denmark to Bremen in Germany before shipping as breakbulk to Algiers, Algeria.

Photo: Innovo collected the cargo from Yangon airport. Credit: Innovo

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