vaproizer unit

Freight Traders, GCL Move Power Parts

Logistics firms Freight Traders and Globe Cargo Logistics have collaborated to move power station parts to the U.S. from China.

The breakbulk shipment included three preheaters, weighing 73.7 tonnes each, and a vaporizer weighing 100 tonnes. The preheaters and vaporizers each measured 21 meters and were accompanied by various miscellaneous parts for a refurb project.

“Globe Cargo Logistics arranged suitable equipment and trucks for receiving the cargo under hook in Luojing terminal Shanghai, with very little notice, and Freight Traders arranged late receiving and ocean freight,” a spokesperson for Freight Traders said.

Both firms are members of XL Projects, a breakbulk association which connects heavy-transport providers worldwide. The association recently welcomed Advanced AIRSEA as its newest member in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Photo: The vaporizer units each measured 21 meters in length. Credit: XLP

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