pipeline pipes and bends

EMS-Fehn Completes TAP Shipments

Shipping and logistics group EMS-Fehn has completed shipment of pipes and bends for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline, or TAP, project in the port of Durres/Albania.

The firm transported 135,000 tons of pipes and bends over the course of 15 months for the international infrastructure project via 15 separate shiploads. The parts will form a 215-kilometer section of the pipeline spanning from the German port of Brake to Durres in Albania.

“We invested heavily in the training of staff members as well as in special handling and safety equipment. Before the first vessel arrived, we sent our Albanian stevedores to Germany, so they could gather first-hand experience in the handling procedures,” said Charles Gillespie, branch manager at EMS APO.

EMS-Fehn operates six German offices and consists of 18 subsidiary companies. The group provides chartering, logistics, ship management, special transportation, yacht transport, stevedoring, terminal operations, warehousing, intra-logistics and crewing services.

Photo: EMS-Fehn shipped pipes and bends for the TAP project. Credit: EMS

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