Conveyor Logistics Delivers Barapukuria Cargo

Breakbulk carrier Conveyor Logistics has delivered a boiler drum, deaerator and stator assembly for the Barapukuria power station in Bangladesh.

The components for the coal-fired thermal facility measured up to 27 meters in length and up to 199 tonnes. The cargo was unloaded from an ocean vessel at Mongla Port on flat barges before being transported by river from Mongla to Balashight.

“From Balashight the Drum, Deaerator and Stator Assembly were transported by a self-propelled modular transport to the power plant area,” a spokesperson for the firm said

Conveyor Logistics is headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is a member of the XL Projects network which connects freightforwarders worldwide.

Photo: Barapukuria cargo during loading. Credit: XLP

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