military helicopter delivered by Blue Water

Blue Water Delivers Keflavik Helicopter

Shipping and freight forwarding company Blue Water has delivered a military helicopter from Denmark to Keflavik, Iceland on the behalf of Danish Defence.

The transportation was coordinated with the Joint Movement and Transportation Organisation, the transport unit of Danish Defence, and required urgent delivery to replace a defective unit. A team from Blue Water chartered an air freighter to transport the new helicopter and return the defective one.

“The new helicopter could not just fly from Denmark to Iceland by itself. The weather conditions were bad which would involve many intermediate landings and transport by sea would take too long,” Nicolai Nørgaard, manager Government and Defense Logistics at Blue Water, said.

Blue Water provides cargo solutions by road, rail, sea and air and is headquartered in Esbjerg on the  west coast of the Jutland peninsula in Denmark. The firm has 55 offices in more than 26 countries worldwide. The group recently reported a profit of €1.4 million before tax as it seeks to initiate a number of strategic changes.

“The result for 2016 is not quite satisfactory. As it is influenced by our still heavy investments in enhancing our business, a modest profit is, however, acceptable. The most important thing is that we are making a profit and that we have turned things around”, Kurt Skov, CEO of Blue Water Shipping, said.

Photo: Blue Water delivered the helicopter for Danish Defence. Credit: BWS

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