Appomattox hull

ALE Moves Giant Appomattox Hull

Cargo handling specialist ALE has completed its heaviest load-out to date, using hydraulic skidding to an Appomattox hull, weighing 40,440 tonnes.

The giant hull was moved utilizing 96 skid shoes, including 48 of ALE’s new 800-tonne skids shoes. The shoes were divided over eight tracks and moved forward using 32 push pulls.

“The load-out represents one of the largest we have executed to date. By utilizing our latest technologies and the specialist expertise from different branches and ALE divisions, we were able to perform these technically complex skidding operations and showcase our capabilities,” said Teun Van Gorp, ALE’s project manager/engineer.

Skidding was controlled using ALE’s computerized skidding system, with ballasting and real-time barge monitoring undertaken by ALE-Offshore Services.

Photo: The Appomattox hull during load-out. Credit: ALE

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