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ALE Loads Zezelj Bridge Section

Heavy-lift firm ALE has completed transportation of the first section of the Zezelj bridge in Novi Sad, Serbia.

The project involved moving the 4,750-tonne bridge section using 16 jacks each with 7,600-tonne capacity. The complex move also utilized load cells, hydraulic winches and pontoons a skidding system, a ballast system and a bespoke gantry.

“Now we have completed the engineering phase, the first jacking operation, and launching operations of the first bridge section, we can continue to progress to the next stage of this complex project,” said Francisco Gómez, project engineer for ALE.

The project is expected to complete in October 2017. ALE provides heavy-lift services for industrial projects worldwide via a network of 30 branch offices.

Photo: The bridge section during load out. Credit: ALE

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