Route Survey Tool

ALE Launches Route Survey Tool

Cargo specialist ALE has launched a route survey tool, which it says will “revolutionize the way route surveys are carried out” in the heavy-lifting industry.

The new computerized system automatically logs accurate route descriptions on digital maps, generating photos, video footage and drawings to allow more in-depth analysis. The system can be roof-mounted on a car and has a scanning radius of 100 meters to an accuracy of 20 millimeters and a GPS accuracy of ± 0.5 centimeters.

“Route surveys have been integral to the heavy transportation projects and engineering services for years. Current systems, which are manually logged, are often susceptible to human errors and can be time consuming; we wanted to design a solution that was not only safer, more accurate and reliable, but one that could also cover longer distances and was a quicker alternative,” a spokesperson for ALE said.

ALE has fully completed testing of the route survey tool and has already started rollout across the group worldwide, with first usage on a project in Indonesia.

Photo: ALE Route Survey Tool. Credit: ALE

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