Mammoet tested a range of trailers for the new methodology

Mammoet Develops Dynamic Stability Methodology

Engineering firm Mammoet has developed a new calculation method that improves the stability of hydraulic trailers and enhances operational safety for breakbulk transport.

The new method, dubbed Dynamic Stability, involves assessment of a wider range of parameters than traditional industry and incorporates the effects of multiple dynamic forces such as the acceleration and deceleration of the trailer, the forces exerted by the wind, the slope and camber of the road, and the surface on which the load is transported.

“Up until now Mammoet has always followed the industry standard for ensuring enough strength and stability,” said Ludo Mous, director operations at Mammoet Europe, adding that Mammoet has concluded that “it is time to reassess industry standards.”

The Dynamic Stability methodology is designed to provide a higher level of safety and give clients more detailed safety information for their projects. It has been verified and approved by classification society DNV.

Photo: Mammoet tested a range of trailers for the new methodology. Credit: Mammoet

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