The bamboo beams will be introduced worldwide

Mammoet Develops Bamboo Heavy-Lift Solution

Engineering firm Mammoet has developed a bamboo jack-up product to replace endangered wood often used in heavy-lift projects.

The firm initiated a research project to find a replacement for azobé, or as ekki, wood following concerns over its sustainability. Azobé wood is frequently used to support hydraulic jacks while lifting.

“Mammoet explored various alternatives, including reinforced plastic and aluminum. Most materials were either not strong enough, too heavy or too expensive. Bamboo turned out to have many advantages: it is even stronger than azobé, grows very quickly and can be harvested without killing the plant,” a spokesperson for Mammoet said.

The bamboo beams are created by steaming bamboo cane in an oven and then molding the fibers with resin before compressing and baking at high temperature. Mammoet has subjected prototypes to more than 2,000 tests and at the end of 2016,an initial 700 bamboo beams were sent out into the field.

The firm expects to gradually start replacing existing azobé beams with bamboo beams in all of its regions worldwide.

Photo: The bamboo beams will be introduced worldwide. Credit: Mammoet

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