Into the Wild: Transport Bellemare Group International

Beach landing in Port-Daniel by TBI Int’l

Year: 2015

Location: Port Daniel, Quebec, Canada

Description: Here you can see Transport Bellemare’s operational and engineering capabilities at work. There was not a feasible port in the area with adequate capacity nor space. As a result Bellemare performed a beach landing in order to offload the six (6) pieces in the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly way. The little amount of water and the residing tide made operations more difficult as the barge was not able to any closer to the road. As a result, a higher temporary jetty was required.

Cargo description
2x 105 MT Gear units
2x 85 MT Slide Rings
2x 80 MT Grind Tables
Flat deck barge
Equipment used
12 line Goldhofer hydraulic platform trailer”

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