Holleman transported three mine shafts

Holleman Ships Ruse Main Shafts

Project cargo firm Holleman Bulgaria has transported three breakbulk main shafts from Romania to Germany.

The consignment included two units weighing 88 tonnes and one weighing 67 tonnes. All three were shipped from Bucharest, Romania, to the Port of Ruse, Bulgaria.

Upon arrival at the port a team from Holleman arranged transshipment via floating crane to a river vessel for onward transport to the Bavarian port of Deggendorf.

“Holleman Bulgaria faced a lot of challenges during this project, such as extremely short schedule for loading, preparing the Romanian transport projects for each trip, arranging police escort, ordering ice-breakers on the Danube considering closed navigation,” a spokesperson for Holleman said.

From Deggendorf the cargo will be transported overland to the Port of Bremerhaven where it will be transferred to ocean vessels for shipment to China and Australia.

Romanian firm Holleman has offices in Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Serbia, Hungary and Moldavia. It provides heavy cargo management and handling and is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium, or WWPC,  a global network connecting breakbulk firms around the world. WWPC grants exclusive membership for one company per country or designated area in larger continents.

Photo: Holleman transported the shafts via port of Ruse. Credit: WWPC

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