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Hansa Completes NSR Delivery To Vostochny

Project cargo specialist Hansa Heavy Lift has completed the first open-hatch sailing via the Northern Sea Route from Europe to the Far East region of Russia. The firm delivered two giant ship-to-shore, or STS, cranes from St. Petersburg to the port of Vostochny.

The STS cranes each weighed 820 tonnes and measured 61 meters in height and 92 meters in width. The cargo was transported partially above and below deck onboard the HHL Valparaiso.

“The Northern Sea Route was the only viable option to complete this voyage in the required time frame. In the Arctic there is no room for mistakes. During the passage, the vessel has limited connection and only a few points of shelter,” said Gleb Faldin, commercial manager at Hansa.

The HHL Valparaiso returned via the NSR after having traveled from Qingdao, China, to St. Petersburg to load the cranes.

Hansa operates a fleet of 17 multipurpose heavy-lift vessels with a combined lifting capacity of up to 14,00 tonnes. The firm specializes in the transportation of heavy-lift and project cargoes, with a particular focus on the subsea oil and gas market as well as the offshore wind farm sector.

Photo: The STS cranes aboard the HHL Valparaiso. Credit: Hansa

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