The Apply Emtunga module

Gothenburg Plans Breakbulk Move

Port of Gothenburg authorities said they plan to ship an over-dimensional oil rig module in June and to expand capacity at the port from the end of this year.

The giant module will provide living quarters for the rig and measured 48 meters in height and 33 meters in width. It was built at Apply Emtunga, close to the port, and preparations are underway to begin transportation of the unit.

The port also plans a new port terminal and intermodal terminal. The new port terminal will handle container and/or roll-on, roll-off freight, while the intermodal terminal will focus on trailer cargo with occasional container traffic.

“This is the largest expansion at the port since the 1970s. The terminal will become 220,000 square meters big and will become operational in 2024 – but part of it will be operational from 2020. It is estimated that around 200,000 ro-ro and container units will be handled each year,” a spokesperson for the port authority said.

Photo: The Apply Emtunga module. Credit: Portgot

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