Geodis believes that companies today need to continually add value for customers, all the more so in a down market. Credit: Geodis

Geodis Sees Opportunities in The Market

Global freight forwarder Geodis believes that the current market offers opportunities for those that plan ahead and invest in growth and development.

Speaking exclusively to Breakbulk, Igor Muñiz Tinoco, director industrial projects – Europe, said that companies today need to continually add value for customers, especially in a down market.

“You need to be a partner with your customers; you need to be very close and very connected with your customers,” he said. “You have to show expertise, knowledge and value, and chartering consolidation with buying power, especially with all the insurance and liabilities that linger around logistics.”

Muñiz noted that while technology innovation is a sizable part of adding value, nothing can replace human expertise and knowledge. He said: “In projects, it’s very difficult to standardize things. You have to customize and adapt and be flexible. All of this cannot be done by machines but by people.”

Muñiz added that while the forwarding sector will develop better tools, better systems, track and trace and value adds, the basics of trust and physical relationships will remain.

“I think in 10-15 years we will still be talking about innovation and adding value, but it’s how you approach, listen to and present yourself to customers that gives you value in your relationships with customers,” he said. Forwarders need to think out of the box to survive.

In terms of the project pipeline going forward, Muñiz said that Geodis had a “solid pipeline” and a plan through to 2022. “We are in line with the budget and in line the expectations from our stakeholders of the company, so we’re not too concerned.”

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