FCPPL Transports Sahiwaal Crane

Logistics firm Freight Connection Pakistan has transported a 750-tonne Crawler Crane from Sahiwaal, Pakistan, to Xingang, China.

The unit was re-exported to China by FCPPL under temporary import conditions from the Sahiwal 660 Coal Fired Power Project in the central Punjab region of Pakistan.

The cargo measured 1,935 cubic meters and the project team handled all ocean freight, cargo surveys, loading and transport from the job site to a warehouse in Karachi.

“All cargo was handed over to the carrier under hook according to shipment terms. Loading was completed in 10 hours including the time taken for the hatch to close by the stevedore/ship crew,” a spokesperson for FCPPL said.

FCPPL is a member of cargo network XL Projects, which connects heavy-transport providers worldwide. Fellow member L.C Van Tiel Logistics also recently reported a number of recent breakbulk moves from The Netherlands to Shangha. consignment included several handmade carriages as well as fuselages for Boeing 737 aircraft, the largest of which weighed up to 18 tonnes.

Photo: FCPPL transported the cargo via Karachi. Credit: FCPPL

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