Where Projects Meet Logistics

The Breakbulk Middle East Conference & Exhibition will bring together the worlds of projects and logistics by showcasing major projects in the region — oil & gas, electricity, water, renewable energy, infrastructure — alongside the logistics providers who are essential to the success of today’s megaprojects.

Zimbabwe construction. Courtesy of KPMG Africa.

Experience the Project Showcase

Within the Project Showcase you will be able to explore the intricacies of the region’s projects as well as understand how the logistics operations affected the overall project success & timeline.  This is the first time that Breakbulk Events will feature this experiential showcase and can’t be missed.

How much is in the pipeline?

Excluding Oil/Gas and Chemical --

US$50 billion in new mega-projects in UAE alone. Learn more ...

Alstom 6MW Haliade wind turbine will be used for U.S. Deepwater Wind project

Meet VIP Shippers

Established in May 2010, the Breakbulk VIP Club is an invitation-only membership program for executives of cargo owners and EPCs within the projects and traditional breakbulk cargo communities. The main objective of Breakbulk VIP Club is to provide projects and cargo owners added value services and promote communication, cooperation and education within the cargo community.

VIP Club

Decision Makers All

ABB, ExxonMobil, General Electric, Bechtel, KBR ...

Ed Osterwald, Partner, CEG-Europe

Hear Industry Experts

The Executive Conference Program brings together the top echelon of logistics decision maker from both buy and supply side to discuss topics such as the Middle East Project Outlook, Rethinking the Oil & Gas Market , Hot Spots for the Global Project & Breakbulk Cargo Markets, Middle Eastern Political Change as Market Driver and much more. This program offers unparalleled access to industry experts and high level executives within the breakbulk and project cargo markets.

Opportunity or Risk?

Experts are chosen on a need-to-know basis

Which means you'll get forecasts, trends and other crucial information to make better business decisions

Logistica Suardiaz

Expand Job Skills

Industry certifications, workshops and case studies will provide expertise that will help logistics executives do their jobs better. Join one or several of Breakbulk’s invaluable educational offerings, including project cargo management and technical courses for the heavy-lift professional, and take your career to the next level.

You Never Know What You Don't Know

Choose the course that fits your skill set

From devising a successful logistics plan to managing heavy-lifts on land and sea


Network in the Exhibition Hall

The Exhibition Hall will provide access to specialized logistics providers alongside the projects that they make possible. A series of hospitality events on the floor will lend a congenial atmosphere, capped off by a gala reception.

It's All About Who You Know

The Entire Supply Chain

In one place, at one time


Mentor Industry Prospects

One of the industry’s biggest concerns is about attracting qualified talent. Breakbulk Education Day will provide educational opportunities for the next generation of logistics professionals. This program is specially created for students and industy freshmen and taught by breakbulk industry leaders.

What Is Breakbulk?

Most students don't know

We're Here to Teach

Give students (and new employees) in the region a leg up - encourage them to attend Education Day and consider a sponsorship.

Logisticians Welcome

Spend several days in Abu Dhabi where all visitors — especially logisticians —  discover what the wealthiest Emirate has to offer.  With a vision to succeed as a global trade hub, Abu Dhabi is an international destination that welcomes international visitors, businesses and investors and invites them to learn about its rich cultural history and valuable natural resources.

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