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Antwerp Expo
Jan van Rijswijcklaan 191, 2020 Antwerpen, Belgium

Antwerp Expo is situated at the intersection of the Avenue Van Rijswijck and the Antwerp ring road.

By Bus

Brussels Airport → Antwerp (Antwerpen)-Centraal Station & Crowne Plaza Antwerp

Antwerp (Antwerpen)-Centraal Station & Crowne Plaza Antwerp → Brussels Airport

  • Airport Express → Antwerp South
  •  (via HTML or smartphone app)
  • 10,00 Euro per ticket
  • Approximately 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours
  • You buy tickets online or on the bus (Tickets are available by the bus driver at each bus stop)
  • You can access a bus from Brussels Airport
  • Follow the indication in the airport terminal to outside the Antwerp (Antwerpen)-Centraal Station (in front of Ibis Antwerp Hotel).
  • From there you can access local Antwerp trams or taxis to your destination!
  • From Brussels Airport → Antwerp:

The stop “Kon. Astridplein” (near the central station) is always served, the stop “Crowne Plaza” is only served on request.

On weekdays and Saturdays:
First departure: 05:00
Last departure: 24:00

On Sundays:
First departure: 07:00
Last departure: 24:00

  • From Antwerp → Brussels Airport

Every hour a direct coach service departs from Antwerp to Brussels Airport. This coach service runs every day.

Stop “Kon. Astridplein”
(near Antwerp (Antwerpen)-Centraal Station)

On weekdays and Saturdays:
First departure: 04:00
Last departure: 23:00

On Sundays:
First departure: 06:00
Last departure: 23:00

Stop “Crowne Plaza”

On weekdays and Saturdays:
First departure: 04:10
Last departure: 23:10

On Sundays:
First departure: 06:10
Last departure: 23:10

By Car: Parking

Free parking is available on public roads on Vogelzanglaan, Le Grellelaan and at several car parks in the area (Desguinlei, Beukenlaan). You can pay to park at the campground parking on Vogelzanglaan (6 euros). There are invalid parking spaces for wheelchair users at both entrances of Antwerp Expo.

Vogelzanglaanred star
Parking – Campgrounds
Located off Vogelzanglaan, directly behind Hall 3/Entrance 1. This parking area is open air fairgrounds. 1,000 car lot. 6 euros per spot.

Vogelzanglaan Public Parkingblue star
Free of charge, limited 500 car lot on street

Rijswijcklaan Public Parkinggreen star
Free of charge, limited 200 car lot on street

Desguinlei Public Parkingyellow star
Free of charge, limited 400 car lot on street
10 minutes walking distance to Antwerp Expo (600 meters or 0,37 miles)

BBEU 2016 By car parking description

By Train

Brussels Airport → Antwerp (Antwerpen)-Centraal Station

Antwerp (Antwerpen)-Centraal Station → Brussels Airport

  • RailTime
  • (via HTML or smartphone app)
  • (to buy online tickets)
  • 10,00 – 13,00 Euro per ticket
  • Approximately 30 to 45 minutes
  • You buy tickets online or at the train station.
  • You can access a direct train from Brussels Airport (-1 level) to the Antwerp (Antwerpen)-Centraal Station.
  • From there you can access local Antwerp trams or taxis to your destination!

Getting Around Town

Antwerp Tram Route

Tram Antwerp Expo

Antwerp Tram → Antwerp Expo (2 or 6 line):

  • You can access Antwerp Expo by using the local tram in Antwerp!
  • The Green 2 line & Pink 6 line drops-off in front of Antwerp Expo from various locations in Antwerp!
  • From Antwerp (Antwerpen)-Centraal Station to Antwerp Expo take the Tram Green 2 line or Pink 6 line
  • From Groen-plaats station (Hilton Hotel location) take Tram Orange 9 line to Diamant station, then connect to Tram Green 2 line or Pink 6 line at Diamant to Antwerp Expo
  • Tram map & lines
  • 1,50 → 2,00 Euro per ticket
  • You buy tickets at every stop (vending machine) or on a tram

Taxis in Antwerp:

  • You can now share taxis at special rates to/from Antwerp Expo and official Breakbulk hotels!
  • Individuals or taxis up to 3-4 people can be found on the street in front of Antwerp Expo.
  • Group taxis of 4 or more can be reserved at the dispatch table in the Antwerp Expo – Foyer 1 & 2.
  • Taxis will queue to the right of Antwerp Expo when exiting.
  • Please ask your hotel concierge or reception desk to arrange an individual or group taxi.
  • Rates vary based on locations.

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