About the PLS Instructor

With a combined total of over 100 years’ experience in project forwarding and project management, transportation, packing and warehouse operations, global logistics and contract management, as well as total compliance, the PLS team provide a unique and extremely practical perspective on the application and execution of successful international transportation programs with a focus on project logistics planning and execution.

Tom Cullins, PLS associate and subject matter expert/presenter, is a global logistics professional with over 28 years of hands-on, project logistics management experience in the EPC industry with industry leaders Fluor, Bechtel and Kellogg, coupled with over 12 years in heavy equipment manufacturing.

Tom has specialized in all phases of the planning, design and implementation of very complex global logistics strategies for a multitude of different types of capital projects, including overseeing the execution phase of many very challenging projects spread across the fifty U.S. states, Canada and Mexico, as well as all six inhabited continents. These projects have included nuclear, gas and coal fired power plants, a variety of different types of petrochemical plants, refineries, manufacturing complexes, liquid, gas and slurry pipelines and other capital projects around the world, from coastal settings to mountain tops to remote jungle locations, to deep within deserts and everything in between.

In his leading industry roles, culminating in the position of director of material managemen for global logistics at Fluor, Tom oversaw the development of many innovative solutions for a wide variety of difficult challenges in global logistics such as having limited heavy lift transport options, the need to move larger and larger items into remote locations, and requirements to meet more and more stringent cost savings goals.

As a subject matter expert, not only in logistics but also in the entire EPC supply chain, Tom’s insights provided during all of his presentations are invaluable to all who come to listen and learn.

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