Conference Sessions Day 2

Crossing China’s Borders What You Need to Know

Crossing China’s Borders Importance of Local Partners

Trade Opportunities Between Hong Kong, China, Other Asian Countries and the Rest of the World with Billy Wong, Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Global Perspective: Ro-ro Offers New Breakbulk Capabilities with Höegh Autoliners

China’s Terminals Respond to Market Demand

Collaboration vs. Competition: China’s Forwarder Network

Adapting to a Tough Market with Höegh Autoliners

2-Minute Challenge: Lift & Shift India – Mumbai High North (MHN)

2-Minute Challenge: Port of Portland

Heavy-lift Outlook with SAL Heavy Lift GmbH

2-Minute Challenge: Shanghai Weili Cargo Logistics

2-Minute Challenge: China Rail Goes Global

Packing 4.0 with Deufol

Best of China Stands

Most Welcoming: Ahlers

Most Educational: BBC Chartering

Most Creative: Sinotrans Limited

Best in Show: Martin Bencher

Conference Sessions Day 1

An Introduction to CMEC Comtrans with Joanna Zhao, Vice-General Manager

Understanding Key Incoterms with Panalpina and Tradewin

Meeting Market Challenges with Zhou Bin, Shanghai Changhang Shipping Co., Ltd.

Recalibrating the Carrier Sector: Maersk’s Perspective

General Breakbulk Carrier Outlook with BBC Chartering

New Developments in Carrier Sectors with COSCO Project Logistics

Innovation is the Way Forward with Super Rack Shipping

New Efficiency Software for Breakbulk Supply Chain

Wrapping Just About Everything with Dr. Shrink, Inc.

All About Xinhui CIMC Container

Improving Logistics Efficiency with Younger Niche Logistics & Morimatsu

Improving Logistics Efficiency with Younger Niche Logistics & Sunshine Kaidi New Energy

Improving Logistics Efficiency with Younger Niche Logistics & Technip China

New Developments in Carrier Sectors

Complex Cargo Move: Viterra Grain Loader Project

Key to Success: Bring Carrier Into Planning Phase

Education Workshops

Choosing A Freight Forwarder: Pricing Can Blind You with Miroslav Jakab, Fluor

Miroslav Jakob, Fluor on How to Select a Project Freight Forwarder

Lessons Learned from Project Freight Management

Insight into Project Freight Management with Oscar Li, Fluor

Look into the Future with Rod Yeh, Expeditors International

Career Advice from Mac Sullivan, Toll Global Forwarding

Oscar Li’s Certificate of Appreciation Presentation