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Connecting the Industrial Supply Chain

VIP Shipper Club Americas

It Happens in Houston

Hundreds of cargo owners involved in projects throughout the Americas—Canada, U.S., Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean—will meet in Houston from Oct. 17-19 for Breakbulk Americas. Because of your important role in the industrial supply chain, we have a special program that offers a suite of opportunities for project owners and developers, oil & gas companies, steelmakers, chemical producers, manufacturers of industrial equipment, and engineering, procurement and logistics professionals.

While networking is an important activity, the VIP Shipper Club offers more—opportunities to participate on conference panels, team teach industry workshops, provide qualified education to juniors at a reduced cost, all leading to the member’s rise as a thought leader and mentor in the wider industry. As with any organization, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. We invite you to consider all of the opportunities available to VIP Shipper Club members and choose the ones that fit your career path. Note: There is no fee to join the VIP Shipper Club.

Opportunities at Breakbulk Americas

There are a variety of ways to be involved as a VIP Shipper Club member at every Breakbulk event. For Americas 2017, opportunities are listed below. We’ll also begin planning for Americas 2018, which will once again take place in Houston—the world’s hub for oil & gas—on Oct. 2-4, where you will have opportunities to participate in the conference programming. If you are interested in other Breakbulk events, please indicate on the form.

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Opportunities at Americas 2017

Attend for Free with Your Colleagues

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You are welcome to invite colleagues from your office to accompany you to the event. Passes for colleagues are free. In fact, VIP Shipper Club company delegations of 20 or more are a common sight at Breakbulk Americas. For information about onsite meeting space, check the option on the form and our operations staff will be in touch.

Submit Company News

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We’ll help you spread news of your accomplishments and expertise to thousands of breakbulk industry members. Three types of news:

  1. Press release with photo and/or video
  2. Project announcement/milestone or other company news with a photo and/or video
  3. Photo with caption or video

We’ll post to the Americas news portal, in the Americas online event guide and to our social media channels. Submit your news to Patrick Romero,

Run Company Video on Exhibition Floor TVs

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Share your best company video with us and we’ll run it throughout the exhibition on the big screen TVs located on the exhibition floor. Videos should be under three minutes! You can submit a link to Youtube or Vimeo, or send the file itself through a file sharing service such as WeTransfer.

Add Company Listing to New Online Event Guide

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New for 2017, we have created an online event guide—a complete website focused on VIP Shippers, exhibitors, their news, as well as news about the event, speaker profiles and Breakbulk staff.

Enroll in Project Freight Management Workshop


Enroll in the Project Freight Management Workshop with instructor Peter Bouwhuis on Tuesday, Oct. 17. (All available free slots have been reserved. VIP Shipper Club members may now receive 50% off the price of the workshop and their spaces will be guaranteed.) For more information about this popular training, for shippers, freight forwarders and carriers, see course description.

Basic Training for New Hires

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Breakbulk Jerry Nagel Education Day is an excellent overview of the industry delivered by working executives like you. The morning workshop is followed by guided tours of the exhibition floor by Exporters Competitive Maritime Council (ECMC). The training provides a solid foundation for new hires, while the tour offers new networking opportunities. See the full agenda >>

Invite Your Vendors / Suppliers

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A personalized invitation from your company to key supplier contacts will help ensure the vendors you want to see are present. We’re happy to make invitations for you to send out or we’re happy to handle that for you. Be sure to include your company logo when you submit your form.

Book an Interview

Scott Mogavero from GE sitting in the Breakbulk Studio talking about ExIm Bank

Breakbulk event videos receive hundreds and sometimes thousands of views. Here’s an opportunity to position your people as experts. You can choose from two themes: 2-MINUTE CHALLENGE focusing on a specific operation and your company’s solution to a particularly challenging part of a project or share your global perspective on an industry topic, which is a good way to showcase your company’s views on important issues we face today.

Note: Video reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis. These slots will fill up fast so reserve yours now!


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The Breakbulk Events & Media Meet app is for registered VIP Shipper Club members and exhibitors only. It allows these groups to easily set up meetings with one another and offers suggestions based on your app profile. More info and download links >>

Get on the Wall!

The social wall for Breakbulk Americas 2017 is up and running! Use #bbam2017 in your social media posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and they will automatically appear on the wall.

Opportunities Beyond 2017

Conference Panel Speaker

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Breakbulk Americas conference sessions are selected based on what the industry needs to know now. Each event includes trade updates for identifying market opportunities, a shipper’s panel to address issues related to project contracts and execution, and specialty topics such as technology trends, Incoterms 2020 and carrier risk and regulations. As a VIP Shipper Club member, your views and expertise are important to share. Talk to us about your areas of expertise, your experience and your perspectives and help shape next year’s program.

Teach Industry Members

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Breakbulk Americas offers new micro-seminars each year. This intensive format of one to two hour sessions on the exhibition floor, are an opportunity to share your knowledge and teach a practical how-to course in a short amount of time. Micro-seminars can be taught alone or as part of a team.

Mentor the Next Generation

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Education Day has become the first choice of university educators in the region and around the world for their maritime, transport and logistics students. We rely on working executives like you to teach the principles students and those new to the industry need to know. Share your experience and mentor our industry’s next generation of leaders.

Become an Editorial Resource

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Throughout the year, Breakbulk Media publishes a variety of industry resources, including Breakbulk Magazine and regional market insight reports. We also organize informative webinars. If you’d like to become a regular resource for our media department, let us know!

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