TechZone Americas logo shown with Bechtel logo.

Is your company an innovator? TechZone Americas is a great place to showcase your work. Demo kiosks and TechTalks are available. Reserve your slot now for this groundbreaking offering.

Introducing TechZone Americas, an exclusive area to showcase new technology that will disrupt the way we design, move and monitor project cargoes. Thanks to Bechtel and the College of Technology at the University of Houston, this zone will include demos to allow all attendees of the event to get a taste of the innovations underway.

Shows Dr. Lingguang Song in a suit against a red and white backgroundHere’s a sampling from Dr. Song, Interim Chair, Construction Management, College of Technology, University of Houston, whose graduate students will be on hand to demo these technologies:

  • Augmented reality with Microsoft HoloLens and Apple iPad
  • Self-navigating robot with range camera, laser scanner and various chemical/physical sensors
  • Real-time dust level monitoring using low-cost dust sensors, work location tracking and visualization in the cloud
  • Module transportation simulation for industrial construction projects
  • Vulnerability and adversarial assessment to mitigate cyber risks
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) techniques to identify high-risk crash sites in the shale production areas in Texas

Bechtel’s Innovation Center in Houston and its work with the College of Technology, University of Houston, is the inspiration for TechZone Americas. Read more about it here.


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