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Times are changing fast. Exhibiting costs are rising. Attendee behaviors are shifting. Executive management is pressing you for tradeshow cost justification and ROI. And, if you’re like most, you haven’t received a single hour of formal exhibiting education, and don’t have a lot of time to seek it out.

Breakbulk America’s Exhibitor Success & ROI Center is you and your entire staff’s FREE, on-demand, 24/7 exhibiting knowledge resource to give you answers to your most pressing exhibiting challenges, expand your exhibiting know-how, and improve your company’s exhibiting performance and ROI.  Four easy ways to find the information, answers, and solutions you need to keep up and stay ahead:

I especially found the ‘Increasing Brand Awareness & Driving Qualified Booth Traffic’ webinar interesting and well thought out – with a presenter in Jefferson Davis (Competitive Edge) who was extremely knowledgeable and easy to listen to.

Yiannis Pittalis
Snr. Consultant in Charge of Marketing & Communications


Inside Your Exhibiting Numbers: How to Manage Your Money and Measure Performance, Value and ROI

Many exhibit and marketing managers are facing increased pressure from senior management to measure exhibiting value and ROI. And while everyone’s talking about ROI, very few are actually measuring it. Attend this insightful and practical exhibiting webinar to go inside the tradeshow numbers and learn why, what and how to measure to report exhibiting performance and ROI.  A “must-attend” event for every exhibitor wanting to measure and improve results.

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Increasing Brand Awareness & Driving Qualified Booth Traffic: How to Craft and Deliver Your Value Proposition Through Multiple Media

Competition for attendees’ time in the exhibit hall is fierce.  The battle is won in the days and weeks leading up to show time. Today, no exhibitor of any size can afford to just show up and hope the right attendees find their exhibit.  Register today to join preeminent tradeshow expert, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge, who will walk you through an eight-step pre-show marketing planning process that will put your company “in the mind” and “on the agenda” of enough of the right Breakbulk Americas attendees.

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Quick-read, informative and loaded with useful information and practical knowledge. Our exhibiting success article series address the critical topics important to your success as an exhibitor today.  Just click the topic below and start reading. Be sure to forward to your entire exhibiting team.

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Closed-Loop Lead Management – How to Capture Higher Quality Leads and Convert More to Sales
Exhibit Measurement Made Easy – How to Measure Exhibiting Results and Return on Investment


Exhibit Cost Control Spreadsheet
Exhibit Performance, Value and ROI Measurement Spreadsheet


Blue square with "Ask the Tradeshow Experts" in white typeBreakbulk Americas has made special arrangements with Jefferson Davis, America’s leading expert on trade show success. You can submit questions on any exhibiting topic. Mr. Davis or one of his team of experts will respond within 48 hours. Submit your question now! jefferson@tradeshowturnaround.com

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