PLS Managing Logistics for Capital Projects Workshop – Intermediate Level

PLS Houston terminal tour

In 2014, PLS courses will be held at Breakbulk China, Breakbulk Europe, Breakbulk Americas, as well as a standalone workshop in Houston.

About the courses:

Proven Logistics Solutions LLC (PLS) was established to provide quality educational programs and consulting that delivers practical applications to the workplace. Breakbulk Magazine is proud to partner with PLS on several courses throughout the year.  These courses provide professional development of global logistics, supply chain and transportation personnel through the use of proven techniques. PLS’ Breakbulk courses are intermediate level courses that strive to bridge knowledge gaps and bring consistency to processes with a focus toward total quality control and cost effectiveness. Using real-life scenarios, the PLS trainers create a learning environment that promotes the development of proactive reasoning and practical application. PLS & Breakbulk believe that building on basic transportation management fundamentals creates a strong foundation that aids in the development of an exceptional team of global logistics professionals.

Transportation of Heavy-Lift items ranks among the most challenging and complex services in logistics and is handled by specialized companies and individuals.  Are you a specialist? Would you like to learn what the specialists know?

Join us for one or more intermediate to advanced curriculum workshops where participants gain a solid understanding of the technical aspects

  • Heavy-Lifting
  • Packing, Lifting, Securing and Stowing Project Cargoes
  • Managing Project Logistics
  • Export Regulations

These workshops each include numerous exercises throughout for participants to test their new knowledge and to reinforce principles learned. See course descriptions.

With a combined total of over 100 years’ experience in project forwarding, transportation, packing and warehouse operations, global logistics and contract management, as well as total compliance, the PLS executive team provide a wealth of hands-on practical “best practice” training and consultancy from years of lessons learned.