Krabbendam Heavy Transport & Lifting Masterclass – Advanced Level

Meet our Trainer:  Richard Krabbendam, known as a heavy-lift specialist on land as well as offshore, is a globally renowned trainer and has extensive experience of 37 years in this industry. Richard Krabbendam is the founder of Krabbendam Advisory Service and has been a heavy lift specialist with Jumbo Offshore. A Master of Mechanical Engineering from Delft University of Technology, he has worked with Big Lift and Mammoet and was co-founder of ITREC. 

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This 2-Day Masterclass will aid intermediate to advanced students on the following topics:

  • Building a liftplan
  • Choosing the right crane
  • Using a tail crane
  • Selecting the right platform trailer or SPMT
  • Estimating forces in lifting sling
  • Calculating the average ground load under an SPMT or Hydraulic Platform trailer
  • Avoiding accidents and improving safety
  • Calculating the center of gravity properly
  • Selecting the right spreader beam
  • Calculating saddle loads
  • Trailer stability guidelines
  • Staying in control of weights
  • Plus much more…


“Great course and very informative. Would recommend that all members of my office take the course.”
- Expeditors International of Washington

“Very comprehensive course, giving a good overview of the subject. 37 years of experience in the Seminar! Thanks”
- Anton

“Excellent course for anybody associated with Heavy Lifts. I have learned from a highly experienced instructor with in-depth knowledge of the subject and wish that the course duration could be more to get the maximum benefit. Well done & thanks.”
- Ahsan Riaz, Maintenance Manager, MPSC- Bahrain

“An excellent presentation. The technical content was simplified, easily understood and made practical for site applications”

“Dear Richard,
The seminar you had conducted really gave me a better understanding on heavy lifting works. I have learned a lot and sincerely wishes to Thank You for sharing your knowledge and experiences through it. And I will definitely recommended the seminar to my colleagues.
Hope to meet you again when opportunity arise”

“Overall good content – Instructor was able to be technical enough for the informed, while still including the un-informed”