Education Day – Students & Industry Freshmen

In 2014, Breakbulk Education Day programs are held in conjunction with Breakbulk Africa, Breakbulk China and Breakbulk Americas.

About the course:

To support the growing need for education in the breakbulk industry, Breakbulk Events & Media decided in 2010 to establish Breakbulk Education Day.

Breakbulk Education Day is a day-long series of informative sessions about the breakbulk transportation industry and its challenges.

Designed to introduce the breakbulk industry to university students and industry freshmen, Breakbulk Education Day is comprised of informational sessions, technology demonstrations and case studies explained by leading industry executives. The day is capped off with success stories recounted by recent graduates who have found jobs in the breakbulk industry, and a Career Fair, in which industry executives from leading breakbulk companies explain potential career paths to students.

More than 2,300 students and industry freshmen have attended Breakbulk Education Day programs since its inception four years ago.

For information, contact Education Day Coordinator Elizabeth Wetzel