Breakbulk Education Day students

Education Day – Entry Level

To support the growing need for education in the breakbulk industry, Breakbulk Magazine & Conferences decided in 2010 to establish Breakbulk Education Day.

Breakbulk Education Day is a day-long series of informative sessions about the breakbulk transportation industry and its challenges. Learn more…

PPG Certificate in Project Forwarding

The Certificate of Achievement in Project Cargo Management short course is ISO accredited and has been designed to appeal to project forwarders seeking to fast track skills and knowledge, or to refresh their approach on how to achieve success. The instructor led training includes applied exercises and case studies. The non-technical course has been held at venues around the world and has received excellent feedback. REGISTER NOW

PLS Workshops – Intermediate Level

Proven Logistics Solutions LLC (PLS) was established to provide quality educational programs and consulting that delivers practical applications to the workplace. Breakbulk Magazine is proud to partner with PLS on several courses throughout the year.  These courses provide professional development of global logistics, supply chain and transportation personnel through the use of proven techniques. PLS’ Breakbulk courses are intermediate level courses that strive to bridge knowledge gaps and bring consistency to processes with a focus toward total quality control and cost effectiveness. Using real-life scenarios, the PLS trainers create a learning environment that promotes the development of proactive reasoning and practical application. PLS & Breakbulk believe that building on basic transportation management fundamentals creates a strong foundation that aids in the development of an exceptional team of global logistics professionals.

PLS: Managing Logistics for Capital Projects – Intermediate Level

Finally!  The project logistics course you’ve been waiting for. Capital projects require a long term investment from all parties responsible to acquire, develop, improve and/or maintain the asset. The logistics supply chain plays an important role and many times is not considered until the cargo is ready to ship. Learn more…

PLS: Demystifying U.S. Export Regulations

This workshop will help remove the confusion surrounding the requirements of the U.S. controls and regulations,  as well as assist the participant’s understanding of the correlation between the U.S. regulations and those of the Wassenaar countries – in particular – the EU Trade Commission Regulation 428/2009 and Annex I. Learn more …

Krabbendam Heavy Transport & Lifting Masterclass – Advanced Level

Richard Krabbendam, known as a heavy lift specialist on land as well as offshore, is a globally renowned trainer and has extensive experience of 37 years in this industry. Richard Krabbendam is the founder of Krabbendam Advisory Service and has been a heavy lift specialist with Jumbo Offshore. A Master of Mechanical Engineering from Delft University of Technology, he has worked with Big Lift and Mammoet and was co-founder of ITREC. Learn more …