Breakbulk Education Day students

Education Day – Entry Level

Education Day is a day-long series of informative sessions about the breakbulk transportation industry and its challenges. Designed to introduce the breakbulk industry to university students and industry freshmen, Education Day offers informational sessions, technology demonstrations and case studies explained by leading industry executives. The day is capped off with success stories recounted by recent graduates who have found jobs in the breakbulk industry, and a career fair, in which industry executives from leading breakbulk companies explain potential career paths to students.

PPG Certificate in Project Forwarding

The Certificate of Achievement in Project Cargo Management short course is ISO accredited and has been designed to appeal to project forwarders seeking to fast track skills and knowledge, or to refresh their approach on how to achieve success. The instructor-led training includes applied exercises and case studies. The non-technical course has been held at venues around the world and has received excellent feedback.

PLS Managing Logistics for Capital Projects Workshop (Intermediate)

Through interactive cases studies and groupings by discipline, information useful to everyone will be explored. Carriers, freight forwarders and other service providers will learn what goes into the start of a project before they ever see the Request for Quote (RFQ). EPCs and shippers will gain an understanding of how to effectively approach carriers both for early budget rates and the final RFQ. Forwarders will gain a better understanding about how to be in the middle and add value to the project transport process.

Heavy Lifting Masterclass – Advanced Level

A two-day workshop designed for those involved in project cargo heavy-lifts. Topics include various transport and lifting equipment suited for each particular job, such as semitrailers, low loaders, hydraulic platform trailers, SPMTs, crawler cranes, telescopic cranes, air bags, skidding and jacking equipment. A section will focus on heavy-lift shipping, which will address heavy-lift vessels and stability, lashing and securing of cargo. Illustrated with video footage from actual jobs, students will learn best practices for this specialized field and the many calculations required to ensure safe and successful lifts.