Crofton Industries mobilizes over-dimensional telescope used in The Greenland Project, an international effort to study a black hole. Photo by Keith Lanpher of Lanpher Productions

Year: 2016

Location: This photo was taken from an overpass in Chesapeake, VA while the cargo was in route from Norfolk to Portsmouth.

Description: Crofton Industries successfully mobilized an over-dimensional telescope from Norfolk to Portsmouth, Virginia—by land and water—coordinating their comprehensive group of services and expertise. The telescope was headed to Greenland as part of an international effort to study a black hole.

The Grove 9000E crane was used to lift the telescope pieces onto two separate 4 Axle Fontaine Double Drop trailers. Due to the over dimensional size of the telescope pieces the haul had to take place after 9 PM and required the assistance of private, local police, and state police escort vehicles, in addition to Crofton’s in house escort services. Crofton coordinated all escort schedules, critical lift plans, permit acquisition, route surveys for clearance, and a step by step traffic plan so that evening traffic could continue uninterrupted, especially for emergency vehicles.

The following week, Crofton completed the telescope’s mobilization to the Greenland bound supply ship using their crane, barge, & tug services. Once in Greenland, the telescope was to be assembled and travel another 700 miles on over-sized sleds to its final destination.

Project Equipment
-Crane: Grove 9000E. Lift Capacity of 110 tons.
-Hauling: 4 Axle Fontaine Double Drop Trailer.
-Crane Barge Derrick: 85 Ton Wiley “Scott’s Creek”.
-Tug: Bunny C

Cargo Dimensions:
-Scope: 16’9″ Long, 19’9″ Wide, and 11’10” High.
-Scope Base: 19′ Long, 18’7″ Wide, and 11’5″ High.

Voting deadline: Friday, February 3, 2017