China Nuclear Builders Look Overseas

China Nuclear Builders Look Overseas

China’s nuclear power plant builders and suppliers will remain committed to exporting their wares to other countries in 2017, offering project cargo companies that serve the industry hope for new contracts in the coming year.

Nine nuclear power stations were under construction in China at the end of 2016, and Chinese stations were on the drawing board or under construction in Europe and the Middle East. Chinese companies are particularly interested in selling plants equipped with the nation’s homegrown AP1000 reactor.

“China will further advance the overseas development of the nuclear power market,” said a report from a recent 2017 industry conference attended by about 100 industry executives and government leaders.

Strengthening construction skills and finding ways to cope with the economic slowdown in China are among the industry’s goals for the coming year, Yu Peigen, China National Nuclear Corp. deputy general manager, told the gathering.

China’s 16 operating nuclear power plants generated a record 88 billion kilowatt-hours last year. The nation’s nuclear installed capacity topped 13 million kilowatt-hours, with about 10 million to be added after the plants under construction start generating power over the next few years.

Photo: Hoisting a module for an AP1000 reactor, which China hopes to sell abroad, at the Sanmen complex in Zhejiang province

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