Project Freight Management - The Shippers' Perspective

ABB Ras Laffan in Qatar

This one-day intermediate level course is for those EPCs, cargo owners, carriers and project forwarders who strive to better understand the responsibilities and requirements in project freight management. From the qualification of LSP – logistics service provider, to proposal design to frame agreements, and from the project planning, to the PEP – project execution plan and the application of BCM – best cost management, as well as TIC- total installed cost, this course will cover all of these steps and more in the process of successful project freight management.

If you are looking to learn about project planning, finance, tracking progress, the best project IT tools and overall project and shipping strategy, then this course will offer you this and more. Taught by a 35-year industry veteran, participants will take away practical hands on know-how and tools that will immediate impact the process of managing their project’s logistics.

Register at Note: VIP Shippers may take this course for free as part of their club membership. For information about the Breakbulk VIP Shipper Club, contact Winnie Lee at +603 5022 1999 or email her at


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