Successful Together: Get the Most out of Breakbulk Southeast Asia 2017

Reach out to our team for marketing support. We can supply or help you sign up for all of the tools below. We can also help with putting your ideas into action because we’re on the same team when it comes to a successful Breakbulk Southeast 2017.

If you’re in Asia, please contact:

If you’re located in the rest of the world, please contact:


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As a BBSEA2017 exhibitor or sponsor, you will receive an email signature image that calls attention to your participation and stand number at the event. It’s a simple process to update your company’s email signature in most email programs and a great way to boost traffic to your stand.


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We’ll help you spread your accomplishments, expertise and other news to thousands of breakbulk industry members. Three types of news:

  1. Press release with photo and/or video
  2. Cargo transport/job description, new product or other company news with a photo and/or video
  3. Photo with caption or video

We’ll post to Southeast Asia Exhibitor news portal and across our social media channels.


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Share your best company video with us and we’ll run it throughout the exhibition on the big screen TVs located in exhibition hall. Videos should be under three minutes! You may send a link to YouTube or Vimeo, or send the original file via a service like WeTransfer (it’s free).


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The best way to make sure your customers visit you at BBSEA2017 is by sending personalized invitations. We know this can be a lot of work, so we’ve made the invitations for you, including your personal company code offering each customer a 25% discount off all registration options. You are welcome to submit your own photo for the background. Personalized digital image is free and we can provide printed invitations with envelopes at our cost or just the artwork for you to print.


Space shuttle being barged with tugs along Houston Ship Channel

Put your company in the spotlight! We host six photo and video contests each year. Each has a theme around moving project cargo and breakbulk. There will be two photo and video contest displays on the floor at Breakbulk Americas:

Water, Water, Everywhere: On the water or dockside, all project moves that involve water transport
Enter — Deadline June 22, 2017, Online voting June 23, 2017 – July 14, 2017

Hot & Cold—Extreme Weather Transports: Winds across the desert, downpours in the jungle, snow and icy conditions—anything other than a lovely day with moderate temperatures—qualify for this one. Enter early by using button below—deadline July 11, 2017.

As a Southeast Asia exhibitor you may enter both contests at the same time. Please send your photos and / or video links, with year, location and brief description to Patrick Romero at promero@breakbulk.com. One entry from each exhibitor for each contest will be included in the Breakbulk Southeast Asia 2017 Preview! (Coming in July)


Multi-colored prism background with square on top inviting people to Breakbulk Southeast Asia

We know you’d like to have your top customers at the event. Here are 5 bonus passes on top of your exhibitor/sponsor allocation for people outside your company that you’d like to see in September at the event. Order your custom invitations that include your logo, RSVP contact and email, plus a company photo or use our standard design. Choose a digital image or request printed invitations with envelopes at no charge.


Tina Yi from SAL Heavy Lift talks about the film crew from Discovery Channel onboard their vessel in an interview at Breakbulk Studios with Leslie Meredith

Breakbulk event videos receive hundreds and sometimes thousands of views. Here’s an opportunity to position your people as experts. You can choose from two themes: 2-MINUTE CHALLENGE focusing on a specific operation and your company’s solution to a particularly challenging part of the job or share your global perspective on one of the conference topics, which is a good way to showcase your company’s views on important issues we face today. To choose a topic, see the agenda.

Note: Video reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis. These slots will fill up fast so reserve yours now!


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For exhibitors, attendees and VIP Shippers, Breakbulk Southeast Asia Meet app lets you find the right people to meet with at the event. Based on your business profile, BBSEA Meet will show you the best cargo owners, exhibitors and attendees in the industrial supply chain to achieve your show objectives. Swipe to accept or reject suggestions. Confirmed meetings will be added to your schedule providing you with a full calendar when you arrive onsite. Sponsored company profiles are available at no additional charge.


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