Day 1 Conversations

Navigating a Tough Shipping Market

Freight Forwarder as Carrier/Client Mediator

Carrier Market Outlook from Kuehne + Nagel

Shippers Panel: Logistics Challenges

Carrier Crisis: How Did We Get Here?

Carrier Market Optimism

Delivering the RAPID Project: A Successful Transport Alternative

Delivering the RAPID Project: The Carrier’s Critical Role

What Suppliers Need to Know to Deliver a Successful Project

Delivering the RAPID Project: A Major Challenge

What Does It Take to Deliver Successful Project Logistics?

Capital Project Outlook for ASEAN and the World

Technology Breakthrough for Project Management

Building Project Forwarder Network

Höegh at Breakbulk Southeast Asia

Day 2 Conversations

Malaysia’s Cargomind Goes Global

How to Avoid Common Chartering Mistakes

Simple Steps to Avoid Contract Disputes

Grand Transformation Underway at Lumut Port

All About GS Express Logistics

BASF Petronas Successful Project Logistics from Bertling

The Secret to Doing More with Less

What It Really Means When a Customer Asks “Where’s My Stuff?”

Breakbulk Brings Global Shippers to Malaysia

Meet KFS Shipping: One Company, Four Integrated Services

Exhibition Floor Build Up

Project Freight Management Workshop

China Malaysia Port Alliance

Latest News from Southeast Asia