Breakbulk Sessions: New Webinar Series

Conversations that matter! 

Breakbulk Events & Media’s new webinar channel is online to provide on-target, useful industry information. Offerings will include short course instruction and discussions of key industry issues, presented by experienced instructors and industry leaders. These webinars are presented free of charge as part of our industry education initiative.

Breakbulk will produce our own short-course instruction sessions and industry issue discussions. In addition, Stratfor, our Geopolitical Intelligence Partner, will be sharing its tough, insightful looks at the geopolitical regions affecting the project industry and our events.

Our short-course instruction will teach traffic and operations managers key industry skills and help them communicate more clearly with their customers. Same goes for sales and customer service representatives. Managers, decision makers, and procurement and project specialists will benefit from our industry topic deep-dives and business intelligence offerings on crucial topics.

Up Next

Global Intelligence Partner

Wednesday, September, 27 at 1pm ET

Geopolitical Shifts, Trade and the Americas

Presented by Rodger Baker, Stratfor Vice President of Strategic Analysis

Description: The geopolitical shifts in global power now underway will have a far-reaching and enduring impact on international trade. Vice President of Strategic Analysis Rodger Baker with the geopolitical intelligence and forecasting firm Stratfor will explore what these changes mean for businesses and governments across the Americas, including a look at the future of NAFTA.

Global Intelligence Partner

Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 11am ET

Geopolitical Shifts, Trade and the Middle East

Presented by Stratfor’s Middle East analyst

Description: This Stratfor-produced session will focus on global intelligence in the GCC region and the impacts of current activities such as the Qatar embargo

session will tie into the Breakbulk Middle East event to be held Feb 6-7, 2018 in Abu Dhabi.

Now Available On Demand

Original webcast: Wednesday, August 16 at 11am EDT

Incoterms Rules 2020: What Can We Expect?

Presented by Jaynette Kettler, UTC Overseas

Incoterms are essential to successful business transactions. For such a small group of terms, a tremendous amount of misunderstanding and misrepresentation exists. Our presenter will discuss general Incoterms rules usage and common pitfalls, followed by interactive Q&A with the audience.

Wednesday, June 28 at 12pm EDT
30-minute session

Heavy-lifts: Choose the Best Ship for the Job

presented by our Heavy-lift Ocean course instructor, Cees Coppens  

Description: How is a heavy lift vessel defined? What cargoes are considered heavy lift? What vessels are the most suited for heavy lift cargo? Coppens will answer these questions and provide insights based on his extensive experience transporting heavy lift cargoes in this short course, followed by interactive Q&A with the audience.

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