Brazil Plans New Inland Terminals

By on February 23, 2013

Brazil plans to build inland waterways terminals at nine cities in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, according to officials of Brazil’s National Agency for Waterway Transportation, known as ANTAQ.

The plan, which is called the National Integration Waterway Plan, or PNIH, listed these cities: Arambaré, Dona Francisca, Gravataí, Montenegro, Muçum, Palmares do Sul, Restinga Seca, São Leopoldo, and São Sebastião do Caí.

Port complexes in these cities will be built on waterways formed by rivers: Jacuí, Taquari, Gravataí, Caí and Rio dos Sinos, as well as the lagoon Lagoa dos Patos.

PNIH is part of a larger ANTAQ initiative to improve and expand waterway transportation nationwide.

Pedro Brito, newly-appointed director general of ANTAQ, believes that expanding and better utilizing Brazil’s vast network of inland waterways is crucial to lowering costs and increasing competitiveness of shipping.

So far, the only estimate available indicates that an investment of BRL120 million (US$60.8 million) will be made into the terminal in Sao Sebastiao do Cai, which is scheduled to open by 2015.