Van der Vlist Stores Historic Submarine Salvage Saw

By on November 19, 2012

Saw used to dismantle Kursk in 2001 has been moved to Moerdijk terminal

Van der Vlist is handling the transportation and storage of equipment for Smit Salvage, part of the Boskalis Group headquartered in the Netherlands.

Recently, Van der Vlist moved the sawing system that was used to dismantle the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk during a 2001 salvage operation. This nuclear submarine, which sank following an explosion in August 2000, lay in 108 meters of water at the bottom of the Barents Sea with the bodies of more than 100 men and a substantial part of its weaponry still onboard. Smit and Mammoet partnered for the operation and used a pontoon with custom lifting cables to raise the submarine and return it to Russia.

The sawing system has been moved to the Van der Vlist Terminal at Moerdijk.