Krabbendam Heavy Transport & Lifting Masterclass (Advanced)

Krabbendam masterclass

Best Practices in Handling Heavy Lifts Safely
12-13 May 2014
Antwerp Expo, Red room/Rode zaal, 2nd Floor
Antwerp, Belgium

Krabbendam’s 2-Day Masterclass will aid intermediate to advanced students on the following topics:

  • Building a liftplan
  • Choosing the right crane
  • Using a tail crane
  • Selecting the right platform trailer or SPMT
  • Estimating forces in lifting sling
  • Calculating the average groundload under an SPMT or hydraulic platform trailer
  • Avoiding accidents and improving safety
  • Calculating the center of gravity properly
  • Selecting the right spreader beam
  • Calculating saddle loads
  • Trailer stability guidelines
  • Staying in control of weights
  • Plus much more…