Breakbulk Africa Congress 2014

Johannesburg, South Africa

27-30 January 2014
Sandton Convention Centre
Johannesburg, South Africa

27-28 January: Krabbendam Heavy Transport & Lifting Masterclass
29-30 January: Congress & Networking Exhibition

Attend the Breakbulk Africa Congress to learn and network with cargo owners, carriers, forwarders and ports that have a vested interest in building more cargo and stronger business relationships in Africa.

Large energy and infrastructure projects, a wealth of natural resources and a rising wave of foreign investment are adding to Africa’s emergence as one of the world’s top breakbulk, project cargo and heavy-lift cargo markets.

The attendees at the Breakbulk Africa Congress 2014 will include logistics procurement titles from engineering & procurement companies, logistics titles within oil & gas companies, traditional and renewable energy companies, major logistics decision makers within infrastructure projects as well as important vendors to the project cargo and breakbulk shipper community including freight forwarders, specialized ocean carriers, ports/ terminals, ground transport, packing and equipment companies.