Bolloré Logistics Chile Handles Transformer with AN-225_2

Bolloré Completes Record Breakbulk Airlift

Industrial engineering firm Bolloré Logistics Chile has transported a 155-tonne transformer unit by air from São Paulo, Brazil, to Santiago, Chile.

The unit was transported on behalf of Chilean utility company Colbún and collected from manufacturer ABB’s facility in Guarulhos, Brazil. From there it was transferred to the airport and loaded aboard an Antonov An-225 heavy-lift aircraft.

“This shipment was the heaviest single piece ever airlifted in the Americas, and the second-heaviest in the history of aviation. This was an extremely complex and challenging operation, which required over four months of thorough preparation,” said Nelson Figueroa, director of the industrial projects division at Bolloré Logistics Chile.

Loading operations took place at two airports in São Paulo – Viracopos and Guarulhos –  with a specially designed frame used to distribute the weight. A McDonnell Douglas MD-11 was also chartered from Guarulhos to Santiago airport to transport 42 tonnes of accessories measuring 5 meters long and 2 meters high.

Bolloré Logistics’ Senegalese subsidiary also recently transported more than 2,500 tonnes of cargo between Dakar and Sinthiou Mékhé as part of a solar power station project. The components were delivered by road on behalf of customer Optimum Tracker and will be used to construct a 29-megawatt plant.

Photo: The transformer during loading. Credit: Bolloré

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