Breakbulk Magazine’s Mission is to be the global thought leader providing breakbulk & project cargo logistics intelligence (news, trending, data & metrics in print, online & mobile) that helps logisticians worldwide move their breakbulk and project cargo more efficiently.

Breakbulk’s Record of Quality

Our editors write for the cargo decision makers, not the advertising community.  Editorial integrity is important to all readers, and even more so to Breakbulk VIP Shipper Club Members.  Breakbulk Magazine is dedicated to meeting that need in print, online and in-person.  Breakbulk’s VIP Shipper Club Members ask that we continue to honor our history of editorial integrity in order to provide them news, data, trending and analysis that helps them do their jobs better.  When the time and place suits paid content, it is presented professionally and with a clear representation of exactly what it is.

Breakbulk Magazine is the most targeted and cost-effective media choice for companies that need to reach breakbulk and project cargo logisticians.

  • Breakbulk Magazine is read by almost 25000 global readers bimonthly.
  • Breakbulk VIP Shipper Club Members receive Breakbulk Magazine at no charge as part of their club membership.  This group is hand-selected by our editorial team and controls the majority of the breakbulk and project cargo movements worldwide.  Our organization has forged a tight relationship with this group of decision makers that others media and event organizers do not have.
  • 25000 readers receive Breakbulk Newswire (weekly).
  • 3000 China-based readers receive and read the Mandarin-language edition.
  • 15000 Breakbulk Event attendees receive Breakbulk Magazine within their event attendee bags.


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